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Status:NP(TV) ID:300000000 Record Type:Hierarchy name
Top of the AAT hierarchies 藝術與建築詞典根目錄
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Note :
This is the top or "root" of the AAT hierarchy; under the root are the "facets."
Terms :
Top of the AAT hierarchies(P,,U,English-P,D,U,NA)
AAT Root(,U,English-NP,UF,U,NA)
藝術與建築詞典根目錄 (P,,U,Chinese (traditional)-P,D,U,U)
藝術和建築索引典之最高層級(,U,Chinese (traditional)-NP,UF,,)
藝術與建築索引典最上層(,U,Chinese (traditional)-NP,UF,U,U)
i shu yü chien chu tz'u tien ken mu lu (P,,U,Chinese (transliterated Wade-Giles)-P,UF,U,U)
yì shù yǔ jiàn zhú cí diǎn gēn mù lù (P,,U,Chinese (transliterated Hanyu Pinyin)-P,UF,U,U)
yi shu yu jian zhu ci dian gen mu lu (P,,U,Chinese (transliterated Pinyin without tones)-P,UF,U,U)
Additional Notes :
Chinese (traditional)....此為藝術與建築索引典之最高層級,或稱「根目錄」;在「根目錄」之下為「層面」。
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[Top of the AAT hierarchies 藝術與建築詞典根目錄 (編號300000000)]。《藝術與建築索引典》。瀏覽)。

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